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Weed Online North York

Buy Weed Online North York! Have you been searching online using the common phrases buy weed near me or buy cheap weed and end up with a huge list of both legal and illegal stores? Are you having the trouble deciphering between what stores are legal or not, what stores have the best prices, what stores have the best expertise to help educate you? 

While weed has been legalized since October 2018 there are still many storefront operators illegally selling unsanctioned weed for high prices and low quality. Our flagship store located at 1887 Avenue Road, is an OCS approved and certified legal cannabis store, carrying legal cannabis. Our goal is to constantly evolve with this exciting industry and partner with trusted brands to offer a unique destination store experience for our customers. We hold the belief that by offering an exceptional in store customer experience and by providing weed advice from our weed expert, as well as providing the fastest delivery we can satisfy all of your cannabis, weed, or marijuana related needs at our cannabis destination store, sometimes affectionately called the local weedstore.



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