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Wappa from ABcann is a potent strain, containing 18.5% THC and 0.07% CBD. Recommended for intermediate to advanced users, the intoxicating effects will be quite strong. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery after using Wappa.

Wappa reportedly has a citrusy, “earthy” taste with a hint of sweetness.

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Benefits of product:

• Although relaxing, Wappa’s primary effects are energetic and uplifting. Users
quickly feel very happy, focused, creative and social.
• Wappa’s relaxing aspect is perfect for individuals with anxiety, ADD, ADHD,
PTSD, insomnia and stress, while its mood-enhancing properties provide relief
for those with depression.
• Although not as effective against pain, patients can still use it for mild to
moderate neck pain, back pain, joint pain, muscle pain, inflammation, arthritis,
headaches, migraines and fibromyalgia.
• Wappa is also an effective appetite stimulant, which is good for nausea due to cancer treatment or gastrointestinal issues.


Terpenes make up a huge component of this strain’s beneficial effects. The list is as follows:
• Myrcene – A fragrant terpene responsible for giving the product an herb-like
• A/B Pinene – Terpene responsible for adding a pine-like aroma to cannabis
(and other plants). Also acts as an anti-inflammatory, bronchiodialator,
memory aid and neural stimulant (improves alertness).
• B-Caryophyllene – Spicy terpene resembling the taste of black pepper. Effective as an anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, analgesic, anti-anxiety, cancer inhibitor and even reduces alcohol cravings in addicts.

Additional Ingredients:

• Pesticide-free
• Organic fertilizers used in “proprietary” growing process
• No additional chemicals or contaminants

Side effects of product:

Although beneficial, there are some side effects that Wappa users should be aware of:
• Dry eyes
• Dry mouth
• Dizziness (very rare)
• Paranoia (rare)
• Headaches (rare)

Product History:

Wappa is an indica-dominant hybrid originally created by Paradise Seeds. Aside from descending from a sweet skunk line of plants, the breeder does not disclose the exact strains involved.

This strain is a three-time award-winner. It won bronze in the Copa De Canarias (2011), gold in Toronto’s Cannabis Champ’s Cup (2014) and bronze in Copa de Chusca Florida in Chile (2018).


Although available from many sources, ABcann offers one of the strongest variations available. ABcann currently owns three facilities. The first is a 30,000 square foot indoor growth building that produces 1,500kg of cannabis per year. The second is a 320,000 square foot greenhouse with a yearly production capacity of 14,000kg. Their third and final source is a 150,000 square foot hydroponic facility, creating 17,000kg per year.


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