The Hero Combustor

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World’s first and only cone shaped combustor.

Fill it, burn it and..

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The Hero Combustor’s concept is based on a butane torch lighter which heats up a basket that can easily be filled with weed, hash, etc...  The Hero is a patented cone shaped Combustor which works on butane and without a battery. The Hero is developed after many requests to create a product which can be used to enjoy pure Hash. Next to Hash you can also use it to enjoy weed and other combustible products The Hero is supplied with a smell proof storage tube along with a toolkit to easily pack and clean your Hero. There is a basket inside which makes it really easy to reload your Hero when needed! Therefore, we advise you to order our Smell proof stash tube with 4 baskets, so you pre-fill them at home.

13 reviews for The Hero Combustor

  1. Rachel L

    Rachel L

    Simple and useful. Thanks for the wonderful product

  2. Laura R

    Laura R

    Mind blowing

  3. Mark Antony

    Mark Antony


  4. Charles L

    Charles L

    Fantastic one……

  5. Sarah S

    Sarah S

    Amazing work

  6. Nora V

    Nora V

    Love this

  7. Emma S

    Emma S

    Great to use

  8. David R

    David R

    Good product

  9. Jerry V

    Jerry V

    Good 🙂

  10. Thomas A

    Thomas A

    Impressed with this

  11. Hiya Romez

    Hiya Romez


  12. Mahi


  13. Mahi


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