Stryker (Star Killer)

Stryker (Star Killer)
THC Maximum:tbd
CBD Maximum:tbd

Broken Coast Cannabis

Stryker – from Broken Coast Cannabis – is a proprietary version of a generic strain known as Star Killer. Patients report an “earthy,” flowery flavour with a pungent smell.

Stress Relief
Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes
Anxious/ Paranoid
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With a THC level of 18.9% and 0.03% CBD, this moderate-high strain will work well for intermediate and experienced patients.

There is more than enough THC to cause intoxication. Avoid driving or operating heavy machinery after using Stryker.

Chemical Formula of Product:

THC level of 18.9% + 0.03% CBD

Benefits of product:

- Stryker’s effects are almost exclusively sedative. While it does offer properties that uplift the user, these are
limited to mood-enhancement. It will not promote energy or focus. If anything, patients should only use Stryker
if they want to experience strong “couchlock”; however, it does an excellent job within its realm of application.
- Thanks to the relaxation it creates, Stryker is an excellent option for insomnia, stress, anxiety, ADD, ADHD and
PTSD. Its ability to induce happiness and euphoria is also useful against depression. Unfortunately, it will not
improve fatigue.
- Naturally, Stryker is an excellent analgesic. It works well against chronic pain, back pain, neck pain, joint pain,
muscle pain, fibromyalgia, inflammation and arthritis.


No terpene profile is available for this product.

Additional Ingredients:

Broken Coast Cannabis adheres to all federal regulations regarding the growth and distribution of medical marijuana. Once processed, each batch undergoes third-party testing to ensure that it is:
Free of microbes, such as bacteria, viruses and fungi
Free of heavy metals
Containing no chemicals or toxins

Side effects of product:

Dry mouth
Dry eyes
Anxiety (extremely rare)
Headache (extremely rare)
Dizziness (extremely rare)

Source of product: A cross between Mazar x Blueberry OG and Rare Dankness #2.
Product History:

Stryker is based on the generic strain known as “Star Killer”. It is a rather unique indica strain, as it appears to have multiple possible lineages. One variety (which won the 2016 Cannabis Cup) is a cross between Mazar x Blueberry OG and Rare Dankness #2.
Alternately, the name is also attached to a strain created using Skywalker OG and Rare Dankness #2, while yet another comes from a cross between Skywalker OG and Triangle Kush.


Based on Vancouver Island, Broken Coast Cannabis focuses on quality over quantity. They only accept new clients when capacity allows, minimizing the chances of a product shortage.
More importantly, they take advantage of a small grow operation, allowing them to more closely monitor their plants.
Each strain is hand-trimmed and slow-cured without the use of industrial machinery – a practice that benefits their quality control.


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