Serious Kush

Serious Kush
THC Maximum:tbd
CBD Maximum:tbd

United Greeneries

There is more than enough THC to cause intoxication. Avoid driving or operating heavy machinery after using Serious Kush.

Patients report an “earthy,” citrusy, spicy flavour.

Stress Relief
Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes
Anxious/ Paranoid
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Serious Kush from United Greeneries is a medium-high THC strain. With a THC range of 14-20%, the strain is ideal for intermediate and advanced users, depending on the specific batch.

Chemical Formula of Product:

THC of 14-20%

Benefits of product:

- Serious Kush is a mix of relaxing and uplifting effects. It offers powerful physical and mental relaxation with
some sedative properties. At the same time, some patients report that it helps improve focus with its cerebral
- Caryophyllene is the main terpene responsible for Serious Kush’s effects. Its mood-enhancing properties help
individuals with depression; however, it will only exacerbate fatigue. Its calming effects do allow this strain to be
effective for anxiety, stress, ADD, ADHD and PTSD.
- The same terpene also contributes to Serious Kush’s analgesic properties. Users with chronic pain, back pain,
neck pain, joint pain, muscle pain, arthritis and fibromyalgia will find relief with this strain.
- Evidence also suggests that caryophyllene has anti-cancer properties. Patients with cancer should consider
Serious Kush as an option for reducing the spread of tumour cells.


The terpene profile is as follows:
B-Caryophyllene – Spicy terpene resembling the taste of black pepper. Effective as 
an anti-
inflammatory, antidepressant, analgesic, anti-anxiety, cancer inhibitor and 
even reduces alcohol
cravings in addicts.
Myrcene – A fragrant terpene responsible for giving the product an herb-like scent.

Additional Ingredients:

United Greeneries’ growth methods are focused on a pure, organic approach. To that end, they use absolutely no pesticides, using an all-natural, proprietary fertilizer mixture to facilitate growth.

Their hydroponic system is fed directly from the rivers of Vancouver Island’s Cowichan Valley. Once processed, each batch undergoes third-party testing to ensure that it is:

- Free of microbes, such as bacteria, viruses and fungi
- Free of heavy metals
- Containing no chemicals or toxins
- Pesticide-free

Side effects of product:

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Product History:

Serious Kush is a more potent version of the famous OG Kush. Bred by Serious Seeds (hence the name), this indica-dominant hybrid strain is a cross between OG Kush and the trichome-laden White Russian.


Based on Vancouver Island, United Greeneries employs many people with diverse professional backgrounds. Their staff of students, horticulturalists, engineers, entrepreneurs and scientists allow for consistent growth, innovation and quality control.
United Greeneries is also highly involved with its local community, and devotes a great deal of time to provide widespread education about the benefits of medical cannabis.


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