Plain Packaging Indica (15g)

Plain Packaging Indica (15g)
THC Maximum:tbd
CBD Maximum:tbd

Plain Packaging

Plain Packaging Indica is a proprietary moderate to high-THC strain from Plain Packaging.  Users report a floral, “earthy” flavour.

Stress Relief
Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes
Anxious/ Paranoid
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Plain Packaging Indica is a proprietary moderate to high-THC strain from Plain Packaging– a recreational brand produced by Canopy Growth. With 13-22% THC and less than 1% CBD, this product is meant for intermediate to advanced users.

Each unit contains 15g of dried cannabis.

This strain will definitely cause intoxication. Remember that it is illegal to drive after consuming cannabis.

Users report a floral, “earthy” flavour.

Chemical Formula of Product:

13-22% THC + 1% CBD

Benefits of product:

Although high in THC and fairly relaxing, users report that Plain Packing Indica is not overly sedative. While it certainly calms the senses without offering any kind of energetic effects, it leaves people relaxed, while preserving enough motor and cognitive function to perform some simply tasks or leisure activities. It is also known to improve mood, sparking feelings of happiness and euphoria.
Indica’s properties make it a great choice for users who want to unwind, but still remain lucid. This can come in especially handy in social settings, where people can collectively feel happy while still enjoying some activities.
Due to its mostly relaxing properties, Plain Packaging Indica should only be used during the evening.


Myrcene – A fragrant terpene responsible for giving the product an herb-like scent.
Terpinolene – A terpene that generates a floral, pine-like or citrusy aroma with anti- cancer, antioxidant, antibacterial, sedative and antifungal properties.

Additional Ingredients:

No additional chemicals or contaminants
Free of microbes, fungi and other organisms

Side effects of product:

Dry mouth

Product History:

Due to the strain’s proprietary nature, no information is available about Plain Packaging Indica’s lineage or history.


Plain Packaging is essentially a “value” brand, because it is much cheaper than most other strains. This is because it is made up of dried flower that was not considered good enough to meet the quality standards for Canopy’s other recreational brands. Nonetheless, it is still perfectly safe, tested and effective. User reviews indicate that consumers are pleasantly surprised, having underestimated Plain Packing’s quality.
Canopy Growth explains that they use only “state-of-the-art” growing techniques, going above and beyond industry requirements for quality and safety.
They also advise that they only use the “highest quality” nutrients when growing their plants.
Aside from medical and recreational cannabis, Canopy Growth is also involved in the production of industrial hemp.


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