Penelope (CBD Skunk Haze)

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Penelope is Tweed Main Street’s version of CBD Skunk Haze. With 8-11% THC and 5-8% CBD, the scales are still tipped in THC’s favour. This means that, despite being bred for its CBD content (and named accordingly), the THC will likely cause mild intoxication – especially for beginners. Patients should not drive or operate heavy machinery after using Penelope, until they know how the strain affects them.

Not surprisingly, users report an “earthy,” skunky flavour with pine undertones.

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Benefits of product:

• Penelope’s rather weak psychoactive effects make it ideal as a medical plant.
This strain is calming with being overly sedating.
• Patients find this strain to be particularly energizing and uplifting, providing
focus along with a sense of calm. This makes it an excellent mood enhancer
and relaxant.
• The calming aspect could be effective for treating anxiety, ADD, ADHD, stress
and PTSD; however, the relaxing effects are weak compared to its higher
THC counterparts.
• Penelope’s strengths lie in its mood-enhancing and analgesic properties. The
uplifting effects will keep people happy and focused, which is a perfect
combination for treating depression.
• As a pain-reliever, Penelope offers excellent relief from back pain, neck pain,
joint pain, muscle pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, headaches, migraines and
• Penelope is also an effective appetite-stimulant, which is helpful for nausea
and gastrointestinal issues. Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy will
benefit greatly from Penelope.


The terpene profile for Penelope is as follows:
• Limonene – Creates a citrusy flavor and offers benefits as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, ant-cancer and enhances metabolism.
• B-Caryophyllene – Spicy terpene resembling the taste of black pepper. Effective as an anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, analgesic, anti-anxiety, cancer inhibitor and even reduces alcohol cravings in addicts.
• Myrcene – A fragrant terpene responsible for giving the product an herb-like scent.
• A/B Pinene – Terpene responsible for adding a pine-like aroma to cannabis (and other plants). Also acts as an anti-inflammatory, bronchiodialator, memory aid and neural stimulant (improves alertness).

Additional Ingredients:

Tweed uses advanced security and decontamination methods, along with Third Party testing to guarantee their products are:
• Free of toxins and pesticides
• Free of microbes, fungi and other contaminants
• Free of heavy metals
• Tested for specific pathogens, such as e-coli, salmonella, yeast and mold

Side effects of product:

Some patients report negative side effects when using Penelope:
• Dry mouth
• Dry eyes

Product History:

Penelope’s foundational strain, CBD Skunk Haze, was specifically bred by CBD Crew as a medicinal plant. Despite being a hybrid, its exact lineage is unknown; however, one known thing is that it is a direct descendant of Skunk Haze – a powerful THC strain.

CBD Skunk Haze has won several awards, specifically 3rd place in the 2013 Treating Yourself Expo’s “Sativa” category; 1st place under the 2016 Karma Cup’s “Medical” category and 2nd place during the 2016 Lift Expo’s “CBD” category, in both its Vancouver and Toronto events.


Tweed Main Street is a licensed Canadian medical cannabis producer and distributor. They successfully operate 655,000 square feet of production room, spread among five different locations.
To date, they have fulfilled almost 300,000 orders totalling seven million grams of cannabis.

They are also proud to state that they have not had any product recalls, owing it mainly to having 38 staff dedicated to quality control alone. They ensure that the product is controlled throughout production, in order ensure quality, purity and consistency.


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