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Momentum is a proprietary strain from DOJA. With 7% THC and 11% CBD, the psychoactive effects will be minimal, if non-existent. New users are more likely to experience intoxication, as this is still enough THC to make the strain psychoactive

Momentum is known to have a mix of pine, citrus and eucalyptus flavours.

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Individuals who have never tried, or are still fairly new, to cannabis should avoid driving or operating heavy machinery until they know how this strain affects them.

Benefits of product:

• As its name implies, Momentum promotes feelings of euphoria, enhancing
mood and regulating pain in the process
• Since mood-enhancement is its main function, momentum is an excellent
choice for individuals with depression. Although not its strongest point, the
euphoria does provide a certain feeling of relaxation, which may be helpful for
anxiety, PTSD, ADD, ADHD, stress and insomnia.
• Momentum is an effective analgesic, ideal for back pain, neck pain, migraines,
headaches, joint pain, muscle pain, inflammation, arthritis and fibromyalgia.
• The CBD content also makes this strain effective against nausea, IBS, Crohn’s
disease and other gastrointestinal issues. The cannabinoid is also a
demonstrated cancer inhibitor

Additional Ingredients:

• Organically grown
• Free of solvents, microbes, fungi and heavy metals

Side effects of product:

No information is available about Momentum’s side effects.

Product History:

DOJA is rather secretive about its strains, offering little information its lineage or if it was bred by a third party. They do, however, confirm that Momentum is an indica-dominant strain.
Everything else about this product is proprietary.


DOJA states that they use “meticulously selected strains” grown in a custom environment. Using purified reverse osmosis water and certified organic pest control products, they are able to grow clean, high-quality cannabis with a minimal environmental footprint.
All of their flower is hand-trimmed, which ensures that only the best buds are selected.
Their products undergo third-party testing for consistency and purity, ensuring that they contain no unwanted ingredients prior to reaching consumers.


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