Durga Mata II

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Durga Mata II is a light strain, with low amounts of THC and CBD. With 7% THC and 8-9% CBD, intoxication is highly unlikely. Consequently, this strain is usable at any time of the day.
Because CBD is not psychoactive and actually counters the effects of THC, any highs will be brief and mild – if at all. Beginners should definitely consider this strain, due to its weak potential for intoxication and decent level of CBD, which has a slew of its own benefits.
Patients report a minty flavour with “earthy” undertones.

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Benefits of product:

• Durga Mata II provides a strong body high while keeping the patient alert. Its relaxing
effects make it a great solution for a variety of health issues.
• Patients with anxiety, ADD, ADHD, stress and PTSD all benefit from the relaxing effects
the strains THC and CBD combination.
• CBD is also an effective analgesic, helping with chronic pain, back pain, neck pain, joint
pain, muscle pain, headaches, migraines, inflammation, arthritis and fibromyalgia.
• Additionally, Durga Mata II works well to treat nausea and reduce or – occasionally –
eliminate seizures due to epilepsy.


No terpene profile is available for Durga Mata II.

Additional Ingredients:

Durga Mata II is available from Zenabis, a Canadian licensed medical marijuana cultivator and distributor.
All of Zenabis’s strains go through third-party testing to ensure that their products are free of toxins and other contaminants.

Side effects of product:

Some patients report negative side effects when using Durga Mata II:
• Dry mouth
• Dry eyes

Product History:

Durga Mata II is 90% indica, derived from its indica parent, Durga Mata. Bred by Paradise seeds, Durga Mata II is the product of Durga Mata and an unknown strain.
Paradise seeds created Durga Mata II as a medicinal plant, whereas the more THC-laden Durga Mata was focused on recreational properties.


Zenabis is the largest private licensed indoor producer of cannabis in Canada. It owns two facilities, one in British Columbia and the other in New Brunswick.
Thanks to high-tech, precise environment control systems, their products are guaranteed to be consistent and high-quality.


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