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Charlee Angel from Redecan is a proprietary “in-house blend”. With 15.7% THC and no CBD, this strain is moderately potent and best fit for intermediate users. A THC concentration this high will cause intoxication, so do not drive or operate heavy machinery after using Charlee Angel.

Patients report that Charlee Angel has an “earthy,” dank flavour.

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Benefits of product:

• Charlee Angel provides the best of both worlds. Its effects are said to be a
source both relaxation, focus and happiness. Reportedly, the strain takes
action instantaneously (when smoked), creating a lightheaded buzz that is not
too intense.
• While relaxing, it is not overly sedative, with just enough potency to work as a
sleep aid
• As an energizing mood-enhancer, this strain is perfect for patients with
depression or fatigue. Meanwhile, it provides relaxation to individuals with
insomnia, stress, depression, ADD, ADHD and PTSD.


Redecan has not provided a terpene profile for Charlee Angel.

Additional Ingredients:

Redecan uses natural growing conditions. This ensures that their products are:
• Free of toxins and synthetic pesticides
• Free of microbes, fungi and other contaminants
• Free of heavy metals

Side effects of product:

Some patients report negative side effects when using Charlee Angel:
• Dry mouth
• Unpleasant taste
• Coughing

Product History:

Bred and trademarked by Redecan, Charlee Angel’s genetic lineage is undisclosed. They do disclose that it is a sativa-dominant hybrid.


Redecan is a licensed Canadian medical producer and distributor. Located in Ridgeville, Ontario, they operate from a single greenhouse facility.
All of their plants are grown in natural conditions, using sunlight and fresh, clean water to nourish their plants.
Their facility uses environmental controls to ensure quality and consistency in every batch.
Redecan also offers compassionate pricing.


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