CBD Topical Salve (8 oz) >900 mg CBD per jar

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The Sisters’ topical salve was designed to help carry the CBD compounds into the system through the skin. It has a coconut oil base and we use only food-grade ingredients.

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The Sisters of the Valley make all their products in a spiritual environment, with prayers for the people sown into every bottle and jar. This is a topical or ‘rub-on’ salve with multiple uses. The Sisters’ products are made with high-CBD strains of the cannabis plant (hemp), strains developed to have virtually no THC. These products are not psychoactive, they will not get a person ‘high’, and they will not cause a person to fail a drug test. Ice Moon cycle batch January 2018 — 1085 mg of CBD per 8 ounce jar The CBD salve contains the following ingredients: 77.2% solid coconut oil infused with hemp 14.5% beeswax 3.8% liquid coconut oil infused with hemp 1.6% Vitamin E oil 1.5% calendula oil 1.4% lavender oil All products are tested for potency. Lab tests available upon request and lab labels included with the shipment. Hand Made by the Sisters of the Valley in Cooperation with Earth and Sun Keep stored in a cool, dry place (not refrigerated)

20 reviews for CBD Topical Salve (8 oz) >900 mg CBD per jar

  1. Rachel L

    Rachel L

    when someone says I have a rash on my skin, I say “order CBD!!!!”

  2. Laura R

    Laura R

    I used it on quite a serious burn on my hands.. and the next day You could’nt see where the burnt was……

  3. Mark Antony

    Mark Antony

    Good Product

  4. Charles L

    Charles L

    This salve really helps with the inflammation of the discs, as well as any nerve pain

  5. Sarah S

    Sarah S

    It gives me rapid relief after many years of suffering. Thank you…..

  6. James M

    James M

    works well

  7. Olivia S

    Olivia S

    This salve is amazing

  8. Nora V

    Nora V

    Its amazing!!!!!

  9. Emma S

    Emma S

    Helped with my back and foot pain, tremendously.

  10. David R

    David R

    Very effective for headaches…

  11. Jerry V

    Jerry V

    Good product , Its really effective .

  12. david rachu

    david rachu

    Thumbs up!!

  13. Thomas A

    Thomas A

    Highly beneficial

  14. Dani Dani

    Dani Dani

    This is really an good product,It contains coconut oil that is great

  15. David David

    David David

    Very good product .

  16. Rachel L

    Rachel L

    This one strain DESTROYS my depression – i simply CAN NOT be sad on it. On my worst days, i can really struggle. This strain takes me from my worst and lets me be happy without destroying my day.

  17. Hiya Romez

    Hiya Romez

    i used it on quite a serious burn on my daughters hand and the next day you couldn’t even see where she had burnt herself. Great for joint pain too!

  18. kan Krish

    kan Krish

    This salve is amazing. I am on my second large tub of it now and am going to place my third order here soon. I have had neck surgery due to inflamed discs caused by an accident. This salve really helps with the inflammation of the discs, as well as any nerve pain I may have from previous inflammation. Also, my fingers will occasionally get inflamed due to the fact that I wirewrap. This salve cuts the inflammation and pain down to the point where I wouldn’t have known I spent hours wrapping wire.

    I have given it to people for use for anything from arthritis – burns – carpal tunnel – pain – poison ivy – any swelling. It works for so many things. A+ in my book. I can’t even count the number of happy people that have given me hugs after letting them use some of this product.

    Here is something that just happened recently. I was vending at a music festival. One of our neighbors lent us his kettle for coffee. However, he ended up burning his hand on the kettle. I put some salve on and we walked over to the medic tent. As the nurse was about to put on some amazing “mystery” ointment; he saw we had already put something on the wound. I explained what it was. At this point the nurse put away his oil (it was lavender oil; something very good for burns). He then said he had more than he needed on the finger. The guy never got a blister.

    Everyone should have some of this stuff for their first aid kit (even if they don’t have chronic pain/inflammation.)

  19. nancy s

    nancy s

    good in reducing the inflammation

  20. arun kumar

    arun kumar

    It is used for the inflammation relief

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