Moon (1g)

Moon (1g)
THC Maximum:tbd
CBD Maximum:tbd

UP Cannabis

Moon is a mild proprietary balanced strain from UP Cannabis.  Users report that this strain has a tropical, herbal, musky flavour.

Stress Relief
Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes
Anxious/ Paranoid
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Moon is a mild proprietary balanced strain from UP Cannabis. With a THC range of 4 to 8% and 8 to 13% CBD, this product is a good fit for new users, or those looking for little to no high.

Each package contains 1g of loose flower.

The THC levels may cause some intoxication in less experienced individuals. Remember that it is illegal to drive under the influence of cannabis.

Users report that this strain has a tropical, herbal, musky flavour.

Chemical Formula of Product:

4 to 8% THC and 8 to 13% CBD

Benefits of product:

Moon’s THC range makes it very unlikely to produce a high, especially with a larger amount of CBD to further combat the intoxication. A mix of relaxing and uplifting effects, Moon is known for calming users down while giving them a much-needed boost in clarity and focus.
Moon’s mildness means it is a great tool for mitigating stress while still staying productive. Because it does not produce a high sought out by many recreational users, this strain is often sought out for its therapeutic benefits. Individuals who need a reduction in stress and a boost of energy to help them stay on task are more likely to use this strain.
Clearly, Moon’s mild to non-existent intoxicating effects and uplifting properties make it a good daytime strain.


Pinene – Terpene responsible for adding a pine-like aroma to cannabis (and other plants). Also acts as an anti-inflammatory, bronchiodialator, memory aid and neural stimulant (improves alertness).

Additional Ingredients:

No additional chemicals or contaminants
Sterilized conditions

Side effects of product:

Bad taste

Product History:

Moon is a product in Up Cannabis’s “premium” category. It is hand-trimmed and hang-dried with precise care to ensure maximum quality.


UP Cannabis is a recreational cannabis brand under its parent company, Newstrike. UP Cannabis obtains all of its stock from Newstrike’s facilities.
Newstrike’s main facility – located in Brantford, Ontario – is capable of producing 2,500 kg of marijuana per year. Its 200,000 square foot Niagra Facility in Lincoln, Ontario, can currently provide 12,500 kg of cannabis each year. Its expansion in 2019 will provide a production increase to 25,000 kg per year.
UP Cannabis embraces culture and social responsibility. To that end, they are highly active in their community, especially in the music scene. UP supports the music industry through organizations like Unison, or SOCAN’s Singer & Songwriter Camps.


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