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WeedAdvisor – Rated the Best Online Dispensary in North York

WeedAdvisor is quickly becoming rated as the best online dispensary in North York. At WeedAdvisor we understand that there are many options out there which is why at we pride ourselves on providing our customers with exceptional service from the most knowledgeable team. Not all dispensaries can say they have earned that right to call themselves the “best dispensaries in North York”, however based on customer feedback and a revolving door of repeat customers, WeedAdvisor has quickly earned this honour. 

While at some stores the quality of products and customer experience is sacrificed to maximize profits, at Weed Advisor, quality and satisfaction in our online dispensary and in store experience are paramount. As a result of years working in the legal cannabis industry and within different facets of this exciting industry, WeedAdvisor has developed best in practice care for our clients and the ability to distinguish quality products from cheap weed. Our team works closely with Canadian licensed  producers to learn about their growing process and their products to educate our customers and offer only premium cannabis products. 

With a firm background in technology, WeedAdvisor adheres to the strictest standards ensuring customer information remains confidential and protected from illegal cyber activity. WeedAdvisor sells premium cannabis products, cannabis related products and cannabis lifestyle products. WeedAdvisor’s goal is to exceed customers expectations. Come visit us at our flagship store in North York or order online and experience the difference.


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We only sell to adults age 19 years or older.

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