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MediPharm Labs branded products deliver high quality,
innovative cannabis concentrate-based products to consumers and patients across Canada.

CBD25:5 Release Formula

Product Category: High-CBD 25:5 CBD (25mg of CBD per mL to 5mg of THC per mL) 500mg Total CBD and 200mg Total THC per 20 mL bottle.

CBD25 Regular Formula

Product Category: High-CBD, Low-THC (25mg of CBD per mL to 1mg of THC per mL) 500mg of Total CBD per 20mL bottle*

CBD50 Plus Formula Oil CBD

Product Category: Very High-CBD 50:2 (50mg of CBD per mL to 2mg of THC per mL) 1000mg of Total CBD per 20mL bottle*

CBD Crystalline Isolate

0.5g CBD 99+%

Pure CBD Crystalline Isolate

LabsCannabis’ pure CBD Crystalline Isolate is a high-quality, high-potency, fine-white crystalline powder with 99+% pure CBD in a concentrated form and contains only trace amounts of THC.


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