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Our proprietary suite of business solutions can support your government’s goals and objectives to drive new regulations and legislation implementation


Agency of Record Solutions

Cannabis issues cut across several different ministerial responsibilities. In the 21st century it also requires a deep understanding of digital media, technology platforms the agility to move quickly with an evolving marketplace

WeedAdvisor has best in class technology solutions, established industry partnerships, adheres to legal practices and Government approved standards.

WeedAdvisor Agency of Record Solutions (AORS) provides Governments and businesses consulting services to enter into the Cannabis marketplace. Services include introduction into Canadian and International markets from a business, legislative and regulatory perspective to introductions between entities and developing geography based industry partnerships.

Research & Education Solutions (RES)

Gain the most valuable insights into the cannabis industry, domestically and internaltionally using WeedAdvisor’s research and education platform..

WeedAdvisor Research & Education Solutions (RES) is an aggregated information platform that connects researchers, educators, innovators, dispensaries and licensed producers to each other and with data, technology, colleagues, Governments and consumers around the world.

WeedAdvisor continuously refines, implements and maintains an advanced and reliable, research and education network to promote value and innovation, bolstering Canadian leadership


E-Commerce Retail Solutions (ECRS)

Provides sales and fulfillment processing on a single integrated platform to effectively connect consumers and retailers in an environment where all transactions art digitally tracible.

WeedAdvisor E-Commerce Retail Solutions (ECRS) is technology platform that acts like a storefront and is used by businesses that want to legally sell cannabis products online to consumers.

WeedAdvisor’s fully integrated platform enables reporting on merchants’ product inventories, revenues generated and the taxes that are payable, as well as near real-time data analytics that shows the impact of various marketing campaigns

Business Analytics Solutions (BAS)

Provides valuable data analytics in near real time to improve understanding of the impact of policy and legal changes on the target audiences – consumer, licensed producer, dispensaries

WeedAdvisor Business Analytics Solutions (BAS) leverages software and services to transform data into actionable intelligence that informs strategic and tactical decision-making.

WeedAdvisor is able to capture the behavioural actions that are taken by licensed producers, retailers and consumers when changes are made to the rules governing the marketplace.



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