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Verb: interrupt (a sequence, course, or continuous state).

“his concentration was broken by a sound”


Cannabis flower

Indica Cannabis Leaf

Indica Flower

The two most common cannabis plant types are Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. Less common is Cannabis ruderalis, which is used mostly by breeders to enhance their hybrids.


Cannabis indica

This species is generally faster-growing, bushier and up to six feet shorter than Cannabis sativa, with dark green leaves.


It was once believed that Cannabis indica had distinct effects and was thought to produce more calming effects. While some of this basic knowledge may still apply, now that growers have cultivated hybrid strains for so many years, references to the effects of pure species may no longer be relevant or helpful and significant differences can occur from strain to strain.  Many products are made from hybrid plants, which combine both species, as growers explore and cultivate cannabis to produce desired effects.  The Break category includes strains that are indica dominant and claim to provide calming effects.

However, everyone’s physiological makeup is different, and the ECS receptor site locations and the number of sites can vary from person to person. That is why the same strain of cannabis can affect people differently. Additional factors that contribute to the potential differences in effect can also include the genetics, sec, current health, personality and age of the individual.

Being aware of this unique interaction between cannabis and the human body is helpful in understanding how to make the right choice for you.

Consider this information along with the method and amount of consumption, and the levels of THC and CBD that are in a strain. If you’re new to consuming cannabis, consider starting at very low THC and CBD levels as you learn how your body responds.

Licensed producers and retailers DO NOT provide medical advice. Consumers and / or potential consumers should seek the advice of their family doctor with any questions regarding the use of cannabis for a desired effect or outcome.



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