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Are Toronto Dispensaries Near Me Open During the Lockdown?

The Ontario Government recently announced a lock down on the City of Toronto and Peel Region.
This means that only essential businesses can stay open, and those who offer curbside pick-up or delivery options. The Ontario Government just approved dispensaries for these services, to help businesses throughout the lockdown which is set for a minimum of 28 days. With this being said, certain dispensaries such as WeedAdvisor, located at 1887 Avenue Rd. are now providing the curbside pick-up and delivery options as of Monday, November 23rd.

For a limited time, WeedAdvisor is offering 10% OFF their curbside pick-up orders, and they are delivering everything from Edibles, Pre-rolls, Dried Flower, Beverages, Distillates, Concentrates, and so much more!

They are located in the MidTown area of Toronto, just North of Lawrence at 1887 Avenue Rd, convenient by TTC, walking or driving. They are open Mon-Sat from 10:30am-8pm and Sundays 11am-6pm.
You can also now order online for delivery from the comfort of your own home for a limited time.


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