Spanish Helicopter Accidentally Discovers Rooftop Marijuana Grow Op While Filming Bike Race

Spanish Helicopter Accidentally Discovers Rooftop Marijuana Grow Op While Filming Bike Race



Just one day ago, we discussed a recent RCMP marijuana bust in B.C., where authorities stumbled across 11,000 plants in a small village. Now, a similar story emerges from Spain.

Drug busts happen all the time, so on the surface, Canada’s story does not seem particularly noteworthy. However, what makes these situations similar – and rather comedic – are the circumstances behind these discoveries.

The aforementioned bust in B.C. was purely accidental, the result of an investigation into a negligent industrial accident. But as The Weed Blog reports, Spain’s inadvertent discovery was equally fortunate.

In this case, an otherwise well-hidden rooftop operation was unveiled thanks to a film crew flying overhead during a major sporting event.


“Mini Pot Farm”


The sudden discovery occurred during Spain’s La Vuelta (Tour of Spain) – a “grueling, multi-stage cycling race” where participants travel throughout Spain (and some other countries), over the course of three weeks.

n all fairness, Spain’s case was not nearly as large-scale as the one faced by Canadian authorities in B.C. Although still illegal, we can only assume that suspects in Spain are not in as much trouble as their Canadian counterparts.

The Weed Blog explains:


“As this year’s La Vuelta bikers peddled [sic] through the charming town of Igualada, some 40 miles from Barcelona, La Vuelta’s own helicopter unintentionally filmed a very lush rooftop cannabis garden. Viewers of the live aerial footage, for reasons best known to themselves, decided to report the not-so-hidden mini pot farm to local authorities who swooped in and seized 40 cannabis plants.”


Illegal growers are always concerned about authorities catching them, but this situation is probably the worst scenario the perpetrators could have imagined.


Video Goes Viral


Unfortunately for our suspects, the Internet is good at spreading a lot of information in a very short amount of time. Consequently, it did not take long for this blunder to spread like wildfire.


“The footage, which immediately went viral via La Marca newspaper, prompted authorities to take action. A spokesperson for the local police said that no arrests had been but that they were investigating. She confirmed that the film from the helicopter led to the confiscation of the plants.”


Interestingly, Spain has one of the more relaxed views on cannabis, despite it being illegal. According to the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, drug charges are based on how harmful the drug is to public health.

Spain considers cannabis rather benign compared to other drugs. Given the fact that the operation contained only 40 plants, chances are that the suspects do not face the same penalties as in the U.S. or Canada.


WeedAdvisor’s International Presence


Although Spain has been rather silent on the marijuana legalization issue, overall pressure in Europe is slowly mounting.

Considering Spain’s already lax view of cannabis, it is likely not a hard sell to get lawmakers on board with legalization. When that day comes, WeedAdvisor hopes to form strong partnerships with industry experts in Spain and other locations to provide a wealth of useful tools and business solutions that will help the nascent industry hit the ground running.





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