Bring-Your-Own-Weed Cannabis Cruise Scheduled for September

Bring-Your-Own-Weed Cannabis Cruise Scheduled for September



Regulated marijuana was not the only thing legalization brought to the surface. It also created a slew of celebratory ideas. According to TheGrowthOp, one recent example is Windsor, Ontario’s cannabis cruise.

A first for the nation, the cruise will be restricted to those aged 19 or older (the legal age of majority in the province).

The event was a huge hit, selling out extremely quickly with plenty of backlog left over. Not only is its success great news for the organizers – who no doubt made a lot of money – but it could set the stage for a future industry in cannabis entertainment.


Highly Popular


Needless to say, the cruise caught the attention of a lot of people very quickly.


“The joint venture between Windsor River Cruises and Border City Entertainment has already garnered the enthusiasm of Ontario cannabis enthusiasts. With tickets priced at $50 per person, the event sold out within 48 hours, and over 4,600 people have expressed their interest, as noted on the company’s social media page.”


If this response is any indication, this idea might spread quickly and perhaps spawn an entirely new category of cruises, if not a new industry.



No Cannabis Will Be Served


Unlike regular cruises, where alcohol is available for purchase at a bar or restaurant, current laws prevent the organizers from selling marijuana on the boat.

As a result, individuals are responsible for bringing their own products. Windsor River Cruises promotional manager Jessilin Deschamps says:


“We’re not selling. We’re not supplying anything and everyone that will be on the boat that day would be within their legal right to have it on them and to be using it.”


In order to legally sell cannabis onboard, the organizers would essentially have to turn it into a licensed dispensary – something that is unlikely to happen in the near future. However, it could be a novel idea if the government decides to relax its laws.


Legal Compliance


Staying compliant with current laws is a major concern for the cruises organizers.  They went to great lengths to ensure that nothing they do could land them or their patrons in legal trouble.

For one thing, individuals cannot consume marijuana anywhere they want. As per Ontario law, cannabis can be used either in private residences or places where it is legal to smoke tobacco. To that end, the shop has designated smoking areas.

Furthermore, the cruise takes place on the Detroit river, which shares territory with Canada and the U.S. Naturally, the boat will make sure to stay in Canadian waters, since wandering into U.S. territory could lead to serious legal complications.


WeedAdvisor’s Support for New Cannabis Ventures


Marijuana culture is rich and diverse, so it comes as no surprise that enthusiasts would come up with ways to bring the cannabis community together.

WeedAdvisor looks forward to offering our array of business solutions to help companies manage these budding services, monitor critical functions and maintain compliance.





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