New Colorado Laws On Cannabis Investment, Consumption and Delivery Shake Up the State’s Industry

New Colorado Laws On Cannabis Investment, Consumption and Delivery Shake Up the State’s Industry



When we think about cannabis legalization in the U.S., chances are Colorado comes to mind. Given that, it is only fitting that the state should tweak its marijuana framework in ways that did not sit well in some states.

In a continued effort to make life easier for consumers and indirectly normalize its use in the public mind, Governor Jared Polis recently signed bills to greatly liberalize cannabis. These include changes like delivery services and even consumption lounges, according to the Colorado Sun.


Marijuana Delivery


Governor Polis’s reforms mean big news for people who live an inconvenient distance away from the nearest dispensary. Marijuana delivery will make legal cannabis even more accessible than ever.

This is of course a huge win in terms of convenience, but perhaps its biggest benefit is how such a simple addition would help reduce black market sales. If individuals cannot easily obtain legal marijuana, they will seek it out elsewhere. Since drug dealers do not need to pass legislation, they are all-too-happy to deliver – and have been doing so since the advent of the black market.

Offering delivery will not completely kill the black market, but will certainly give people one more reason not to rely on it.

Still, delivery services are far from ready. Consumers cannot expect them to appear until 2021.


Cannabis Lounges


Bars are perfectly common and accepted in cities and neighbourhoods everyone. It only makes sense, then, that cannabis users should be allowed to publically consume their chosen product in a reputable business.

Known as “hospitality licenses,” these documents give requesting businesses permission to allow marijuana consumption on their properties.

This technically would allow any businesses to let people consume marijuana, but it opens the

door to establishments specifically built for that purpose.

These licenses will be available in 2020.




Governor Polis – a huge cannabis proponent – also felt that marijuana businesses deserved an equal shot at receiving investments. However, current vetting processes can make some investors skittish.

But Polis solved this with his new legislation. According to the Colorado Sun:


“Polis…signed a measure allowing publicly traded companies to own marijuana businesses and limiting background-check requirements on investors.”


The revenue and partnerships from such investments could lead to significant economic growth from an industry already experiencing a job boom.


Up to the People


Given how divisive some of these changes can be, Polis is leaving the decision in the hands of voters regarding the implementation of lounges or delivery.

Following the examples of places like California (who allowed cities and municipalities to decide if they wanted retail cannabis stores), voters from each city or county can decide on which – if any – cannabis services will be available.


WeedAdvisor’s Support for Improved Cannabis Access


Whether it is the right to smoke at specialized establishment (as is the case with alcohol) or simply sit at home waiting for a legal marijuana purchase to arrive, WeedAdvisor finds such changes to be quite progressive and logical.

Cannabis users are simply asking for the same amenities afforded to other legal substances, like alcohol.

These services may not be very popular in other states, but change is often a gradual thing. WeedAdvisor looks forward to collaborating with services like these to offer business solutions and general guidance to maintain compliance and improve performance.

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