Cannabis Package Recycling Rolls Out Nationwide

Cannabis Package Recycling Rolls Out Nationwide



In a previous post, we discussed a Saskatoon dispensary’s initiative to recycle customers’ used packaging.

A joint effort between Tweed and the U.S.-based TerraCycle, this small project finally came to complete fruition, according to The London Free Press.

Thanks to TerraCycle’s recycling expertise and Tweed’s dedication to a sustainable cannabis industry, cannabis packaging will no longer need to pile up in landfills.


Customers Notice Excessive Packaging


Anyone can see the massive amount of packaging, but a decent number of consumers really took notice. According to The London Free Press:


“Many cannabis consumers have long complained about the packaging that ends up in the landfill as a result of Health Canada’s rules requiring pot producers to package products in tamper-proof and child-resistant containers that prevent contamination”.


In an effort to keep cannabis safe and inaccessible to the wrong people, Canada negatively impacted its environment. The irony here is that we solved one problem by creating another.




While it is still too early to provide any numbers related to the Canada-wide recycling program, there is information about its success when it was partially implemented. The results are frankly staggering:


“More than 165,000 containers have been diverted from landfills since a limited version of the recycling program was rolled out on Oct. 17, when Canada became the second country to legalize recreational marijuana. The plastic collected will be melted down into pellets and used to make things like picnic tables and benches”.


Tom Szaky, chief executive of TerraCycle, further explains the process:


“Through this ground-breaking recycling solution, these now-common items are collected on a national scale from all licensed producers and given a second life as a different product, thereby extending the lifecycle of the packaging material”.


This is excellent news, considering the huge amount of cannabis packaging provides plenty of raw material for other uses.


How to Participate


Interested individuals can get involved with the program in two possible ways.

The first is to simply drop off the waste in a special box located at participating retailers.

If no such drop box exists nearby, customers can still send their waste directly to Tweed for recycling. This requires individuals to sign up for an account, at which point they can print off a prepaid shipping label and send off their excess packaging.

A list of participating retailers and information about signing up can be found on Tweed’s website, linked here.


Types of Recyclable Materials


The types of items that can be recycled in Tweed and TerraCycle’s program are quite inclusive. Virtually everything we get can be sent back rather than thrown out.

Customers can recycle the following:


  • Inner and outer packaging
  • Tins
  • Tubes
  • Plastic bags (from dispensaries)
  • Plastic caps
  • Plastic bottles


WeedAdvisor’s Support of New Initiatives


Given the struggles of Canada’s growing marijuana industry, it is refreshing to see related success stories. Being environmentally conscious is a practice that many people frequently overlook. While we cannot do much about the regulations that force such excessive packaging, we can at least reuse it to minimize the impact of waste.

At WeedAdvisor, we will continue to cover crucial developments like this and also offer our own products to support licensed producers, dispensaries and government.

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