Homemade Edibles Are Safer, Says Zen Zingers Producer

Homemade Edibles Are Safer, Says Zen Zingers Producer



Edibles received a lot of negative press in the last few months, with people (incorrectly) blaming legalization for various poisonings caused by black market edibles.

Buying from an illegal source will always be dangerous and unpredictable – no matter how attractive the product or package might be.

This is the message that Paracanna Foods, the company behind Zen Zingers DIY edible candy-making kits, wants everyone to hear, according to CTV News.

Candies are not as easy to make as simple baked goods, so Paracanna offers a relatively inexpensive kit to make the products at home, giving consumers total control over dosage. The company hopes that their product will provide a safer alternative to buying illegal edibles from the grey market.


Dosage Control


Zen Zingers’ kit – which retails for $19.99 – contains every ingredient needed (except the cannabis) to make marijuana candies at home, along with instructions. Their directions provide specific guidelines on dosage, which they argue is an important feature.

Zen Zingers business developer Russell Yoachim tells CTV News:


“The instruction manual allows you to figure out what dose you want to make your candies, so you can make them as strong or as weak as you want”.


Dosage control is critical. New users typically have no idea where to begin when it comes to dosage. Having verifiable written instructions from a professional source will prevent accidental overdoses.

While the amount of THC required for a fatal overdose is unachievably high, THC’s effects can be quite intense when taken excessively. The case of a 70-year-old in New Brunswick who had a heart attack is one such example. He ended up consuming a cannabis lollipop containing 90mg of THC, leading to an ER visit.

If the man had an instruction manual about dosage, it is likely that he would have known not to consume the product in one sitting.

Paracanna also warns that illegal edible manufacturers are not vetted for expertise, making it easy for the dosage to be completely different from what is advertised on the packages.


Safety and Quality


Zen Zingers also points out that their product – being subject to Health Canada’s provisions – is much safer and better quality than the grey market. Illegal dispensaries do not answer to the government, so they can essentially make their products with any ingredients in any environment.

According to Paracanna’s website:


“When it comes to black market edibles, there is no way to know that they were made in a safe, sanitary kitchen. This doesn’t just imply that a bacterial situation could exist within the final product, but cross-contamination from other drugs is also a possibility”.


Increased Options


Health Canada’s edible regulations will likely exclude edibles like candies, while limiting THC to 10mg per unity.

Homemade products, however, are not governed by these regulations. This means that Zen Zingers allows consumers to access cannabis candies at any concentration they want.

Similar kits could easily hit the market for a variety of products, giving users complete control while battling the grey market.


WeedAdvisor’s Interest in Consumer Options


WeedAdvisor values the needs of consumers. As a result, we were disappointed to hear that candies – a favourite among edible enthusiasts – would likely be banned from production.

We also strongly oppose the illicit sale of dangerous grey market edibles and happily provide exposure to companies like Paracanna, who offer a safe alternative.






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