Saskatoon Dispensary Embraces Recycled Cannabis Packaging

Saskatoon Dispensary Embraces Recycled Cannabis Packaging


Recyclable cannabis packaging is coming to one store in Saskatoon – and they hope the trend will spread.

Those of us who order recreational or medical marijuana are painfully aware of the disproportionate amount of packaging. It makes little sense to see some companies shipping one gram of marijuana in a container that could hold much more.

While many of us assume that these plastic containers belong in a typical blue box, this appears to be far from true. However, according to CTV News, a single dispensary hopes to change that.

“It’s the Right Thing to Do”

Saskatoon-based Living Skies Cannabis wants to minimize waste, prompting them to provide a recycling bin at their store for marijuana containers. Patrons can simply drop their empties in the bin before making their next purchase.

Living Skies’ owner Cierra Sieben-Chuback gains nothing from this program. She simply believes that cannabis companies use an excessive amount of packaging. Consequently, she feels compelled to do something about it.

Sieben-Chuback tells CTV News:

“This was an optional thing for us cannabis retailers, but to us, this wasn’t an option. We have to do this, because it’s the right thing to do…And to be fair, there is so much packaging involved with cannabis”.

Sieben-Chuback is not the only one to believe this – simply ask the Canadian government. According to CTV News:

“Most of Canada’s marijuana is sold in single-use plastic containers – what Canada’s Environment Minister, Catherine McKenna, warned are ruining oceans. 

At the G7 ministers meeting in September, McKenna said the nation needs to have a strategy towards having zero plastic waste”.

McKenna believes that Canada needs to have “zero plastic waste” – a sentiment that other dispensaries might share in the near future.

Joint Effort Between TerraCycle and Tweed

The cannabis packaging recycling program was created through a partnership between the U.S. company, TerraCycle and Canadian licensed producer, Tweed.

CTV News explains:

“According to TerraCycle, all the pot packaging collected from retailers gets melted down into plastic pellets and then goes towards building things such as benches or playgrounds”. 

Final Thoughts

Given the current and projected scale of Canada’s cannabis industry, waste is a serious issue. The excessive packaging, coupled with the fact that it is not conventionally recyclable, means that discarded containers will pile up exponentially.

Although the cannabis package recycling program is only available in one dispensary, any environmentally-conscious owner (and their patrons) will appreciate and – hopefully – spread it.

Author Alex S. 

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