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WeedAdvisor is a premier cannabis dispensary in North York. We have a team of cannabis experts located in our North York store who can help you find the information that you are looking for and provide cannabis advice.
Cannabis effects depend on many factors, such as your genetic makeup, frequency of use, age, sex, current mood and personality, and any existing mental health conditions. Cannabis is used recreationally and under the advice of a medical doctor for chronic pain, sleep, ptsd, epilepsy, anxiety and other diseases.

Customers should do their own unbiased research when shopping for and choosing cannabis products Ultimately, the best way to know how cannabis will affect you is through personal experience. Begin with a product that is lower in THC and CBD potency, and use a small amount to see how it affects you.


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WeedAdvisor Grand Opening

Welcome to WeedAdvisor! We recently opened our doors to the public in September and are a family-owned & operated OCS Certified store! We pride ourselves in

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The Search: "Find A Dispensary Near Me"

The importance of finding and getting advice from cannabis experts before you buy your cannabis, weed, marijuana online

With many opportunities to buy cannabis online in North York, it is important for shoppers to learn about the many dispensaries in North York. Some dispensaries in North York offer consumers with the opportunity to order cannabis/weed/marijuana online and in store and only sometime specialize in certain products such as CBD gummies, CBD oils or recreational cannabis/weed/marijuana. WeedAdvisor offers both online and in store ordering and a variety of products from cbd edibles, cbd tinctures, to smokable hemp flower, cannabis sativa, cannabis edibles and more. Before making your purchase it is important that you learn about and investigate cannabis/weed/marijuana and speak with a cannabis expert at WeedAdvisor to ask questions. There are many dispensaries in North York who claim they are experts or are the best dispensary, however WeedAdvisor is the trusted location where you can order your cannabis/weed/marijuana in store or online in North York. Whether you want to learn more about or buy weed/cannabis/marijuana, CBD gummies, find cheap weed and quality weed, WeedAdvisor offers all things cannabis online in North York.  Place your order online and receive same day delivery to your doorstep.


Searching for a Cannabis Expert

Cannabis experts promote the safe consumption of weed and as such will not make any statements regarding cannabis for health benefits. Consumers should speak with their doctor to understand cannabis for medical purposes or when discussing potential health benefits. WeedAdvisor budtenders are recreational cannabis experts that want to ensure customers have access to legal and safe cannabis and only consume quality cannabis. WeedAdvisor will not give medical advice. WeedAdvisor are experts who discuss evidence-based knowledge and have experience speaking with individuals about cannabis. If you need cannabis advice or want to buy cannabis in North York, you have come to the right place as WeedAdvisor is both an in store and online dispensary in North York.


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